Brynhildr Collection

Brynhildr is a shieldmaiden and valkyrie. She was ordered to decide a fight between two kings, Hjalmgunnar and Agnar. Odin preferred Hjalmgunnar which she did not choose. For this Odin condemned her to live the life of a mortal woman, and imprisoned her in a remote castle behind a wall of shields on top of mount Hindarfjall, where she sleeps in a ring of flames until any man rescues and marries her. The hero Sigurðr Sigmundson, heir to the clan of Völsung and slayer of the dragon Fafnir, entered the castle and awoke Brynhildr by removing her helmet and cutting off her chainmail armour. The two fell in love and Sigurðr proposed to her with the magic ring And-varanaut which was cursed, the ring would bring misfortune and destruction to whoever possessed it. Brynhildr bore Sigurðr a daughter, Aslaug, who later married Ragnar Lothbrok.